Get over it

April 6, 2010

Today that’s for all the Duke haters. Get over it. They won! They played a pretty solid game too.

I have to give it up to Butler though; they played an amazing game as well. The number of turnovers they caused for Duke almost won them the championship, yet Coach K reigns again.

I heard an interesting stat while watching the game last night. While Brad Stevens, the 33 year-old coach of Butler (crazy that he’s only 33 eh?) makes just under $400,000, Mike Krzyzewski makes over $4 million! That’s got to be more than a number of NBA coaches.

Although Duke is not my favourite team I have a soft spot in my heart the Blue Devils. They were my Uncle Mike’s favourite team. He’s the one that introduced me to March Madness when I was a kid and I will be forever grateful. It’s just so much fun to watch! To this day I can’t hear the CBS Sports Madness jingle without thinking of him.

“Get over it” was his motto and he made sure everyone knew it. If you scraped your knee climbing over a fence, get over it. If you were mad at someone for something, get over it. If you were disappointed in yourself for some reason, get over it, and do better next time.

It really is a great philosophy to live by and one of the many reasons why I will never forget what a great man he was.

This grainy 80s pic is of my cousin Kevin, my Uncle Mike, and that’s me on the right. Miss him!


One Response to “Get over it”

  1. Heather Says:

    Your blog brought tears to my eyes! I loved it….and loved it even more that Duke won…I know where my dad was last night…sitting court side watching the game 😉

    Love ya Jess….GET OVER IT!

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