Hangover cure

March 22, 2010

… and no, I’m not talking about the one you were all nursing yesterday after one too many at the bar on Saturday night.

I’m talking about the cure for the Olympic hangover: March Madness. 

When I got back everyone asked me how my trip was and immediately proceeded to tell me how they were glued to their tv screens for the whole two weeks; even those who don’t normally watch sports.

My suggestion for those who are feeling the withdrawal is to jump on the March Madness bandwagon. I don’t have enough time to explain how the whole thing works, so I’m going to let wikipedia do it for me.

The first weekend of the tournament just wrapped up and after 48 games this is anyone’s to win. The fast-paced style of play and the close games should be able to keep the attention of even the most ADD type personalities.

The tournament continues on Thursday with the Sweet Sixteen. To make it more interesting to watch try betting against your friends on the teams you think will make it to the Elite Eight, the Final Four and then the National Championship. You can play for money or something a little more creative.

With Kansas as my pick to win the championship being eliminated in one of the biggest upsets in tournament history, I’m now rooting for the Mountaineers of West Virginia who I originally had losing in the final.

Here is what the bracket looks like after the first weekend of play (click to see larger view):

Happy gambling!


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