Literally excited

March 15, 2010

Even after two years of living in Little Italy I love exploring the neighbourhood. There are still way too many restaurants and shops that I have yet to set foot in.

Today, however, I got to cross another one off of my list when I stepped in to used bookstore Balfour Books at 601 College St.

This cozy little store is stocked wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with books from all genres. It reminds me of the library in my grandparents’ old house where I used to spend hours every time I visited them in Cobourg, ON. I could probably spend hours in Balfour too, perusing the great selection of fiction literature, biographies, photography, art and travel books.

The completely reasonable prices are another great draw. Normally their books are half off of the original price, but for four days a year in March they take an additional 50% off. This sale happens to be going on now, but ends on St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re in need for some new reading material, I suggest you make the trip. They’re open every night until 11:00 pm.

Today I picked up a huge Rolling Stone photo book, a collection of Shakespeare’s comedies, Toronto’s fashion expert Jeanne Becker’s autobiography, and several no-brainer fun-to-read novels, all for only $55.

I will definitely be making a return trip once  I’ve finished these books!


5 Responses to “Literally excited”

  1. Jane Says:

    pretty pics, lovely. let’s go book shopping together soon… (and p.s! i want that Rolling Stone book!)

  2. Parker Says:

    When are you actually going to read that collection of Shakespeare comedies?

  3. i love the smell of used book stores…is that strange?

  4. jesswilkes Says:

    I actually really like Shakespeare’s comedies and don’t have a copy of any of them. I’ve also never read Twelfth Night which is in the collection.

  5. Parker Says:

    So defensive and so well-read.

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