March 9, 2010

I want to preface this post by saying that although there will be posts about celebrities from time to time I don’t intend to be (or have illusions of becoming) a gossip blogger.

But there was a piece of news today that I just couldn’t let pass without adding my two cents. Are you for real Lindsay Lohan???

Lindsay Lohan is suing eTrade for $100M. One hundred million dollars!!! How you ask? Here’s the explanation:

You know those eTrade commercials with the talking babies?  Well apparently a new one aired during the Super Bowl, and unless you Youtubed every single commercial that aired south of the border, you probably didn’t see it. Sidebar: Youtubed will now be considered a verb on my blog.

Anyways, watch the video:

Now we all know that Lindsay has been in and out of rehab (and that she should probably go back), so she and her lawyer are saying that it’s no coincidence eTrade is using her name for the “milkaholic” in question. What?? Since when do people have a copywrite on popular girls’ names of the 1980s?

It’s been widely rumoured that Lindsay is broke and giving interviews to Star Magazine and other unreliable tabloids certainly doesn’t scream, “I’m still worth millions”. She probably could use the money, but really, does she actually think she can win this? Does her lawyer? 

If the “other” baby had red hair, then maybe there’d be a bit more to support this ridiculous argument.  I think it’s all a publicity stunt; just another scam to make sure the Lohan name stays in the news. I guess it’s working, but I think it’s pretty pathetic.

Want to know what else I think is pathetic? Her lawyer’s website. After seeing that does anyone else think this isn’t just to get Lindsay’s name in the news?

Update: Upon further inspecting that brutal excuse for a website, it appears this lawyer is from upstate New York. This could mean some Michael Lohan involvement. Scary!


One Response to “Milk-a-what??”

  1. Jane Says:

    aahaahahaa her lawyer’s website is amazing.

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