Canadian Girls Kick Ass

February 27, 2010

(Note: I wrote this yesterday, but didn’t get the chance to post it)

Remember those t-shirts? I think I had one that said that in high school.

Ok, so now I’m awake.

Yesterday was insane! Being here and being able to experience what happened here yesterday has been an unbelievable experience.

Our girls played a great game. The US were a little smug, walking in here like they had it in the bag after winning in the very same building at the Canada Cup in September. They put up a decent fight this time but our goalie was unstoppable.  Can you believe that’s three Olympic golds in a row for the Canadian women’s team? Amazing!!

Impartiality was once again out the window for me last night; especially during the raising of the flag. I’m not usually one to sing in public, but I belted out the national anthem loud and proud like every other Canadian in the arena. I figured I’d probably never have the opportunity to sing the anthem after witnessing a gold medal performance ever again, so I just went for it. (This is not to say that I think our men’s team isn’t going to take it all – in fact, I’m convinced they will – I’m just not working the game on Sunday)

All this controversy surrounding our girls drinking and smoking cigars on the ice afterwards has been blown way out of proportion. Come on, let them celebrate! If people are actually concerned about the underage drinking issue concerning Marie-Phillipe Poulin, they really need to get a life. That 18-year-old is one of the main reasons Canada has another gold medal.

And how about that performance by Joannie Rochette. I don’t how she managed to stay so composed; I could never.

So like the ladies of hockey did, let’s cheers to gold and hopefully many more to come!


One Response to “Canadian Girls Kick Ass”

  1. And Marir-Phillipe Poulin is the legal drinking age in Quebec – where she is from.

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