Vancouver is going to party tonight!

February 24, 2010

Since the weekend the lines at venues have gotten smaller and the streets have become a little bit less noisy at night. Olympic burnout has set in. That is all going to change. Vancouver is going to party tonight!

Let’s forget about Super Sunday. Today should be dubbed Wonderful Wednesday! A bronze for our flag bearer Clara Hughes, a silver for the women’s 3,000m short track relay, silver and gold for our two women’s bobsleigh teams and an amazing performance by our men’s hockey team! Our athletes did us proud today.

After Sunday’s unfortunate loss to the US, I made a prediction; I said that when we met Russia in the quarterfinals, if the guys were able to get as many shots on net during the game as they had in the previous two, they’d easily beat Russia. It doesn’t take a hockey expert to see that Nabokov had been shaky this entire tournament.

The crowd at Canada Hockey Place was going crazy today! It was so much fun to witness. As a volunteer I’m supposed to remain impartial. I restrained myself from cheering along with the crowd, chanting ‘Go Canada Go!’, or my favourite ‘Na,na,na,na goodbye…’, but I couldn’t stop myself from screaming and clapping at each of our seven goals tonight.

Tonight Sweden faced up against Slovakia, and surprisingly the Slovaks came out on top. It was another great game to watch! Team Canada faces Team Slovakia in the semi-finals on Friday.

Tomorrow our women’s team meets the US in the gold medal game. Here’s hoping today’s good luck continues!


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