February 21, 2010

I took a couple of days off from the blog – my apologies! 

The hockey tournament has been pretty exciting these past few days. Slovakia beat Russia in shoot-out, and Switzerland edged out Norway in overtime. Today’s contests should be the most exciting though. The two top ranked teams in each pool will face off. 

The Czech Republic would love to win and send Russia to a qualifying game (it’s actually better for Canada if Russia wins though), Canada needs to beat the US to avoid the qualifying game, and Finland wants revenge over Sweden in a rematch of the 2006 gold medal game. 

I will be watching the second two games live and I can’t wait! 

Enough about hockey for now though, as I’m sure I’ll be talking about the games in length tomorrow. For now let me tell you about the streets of Vancouver: they are insane! 

During the day families roam the streets visiting the torch, the Canadian Mint where you can see the medals, the pavilions from all the provinces, and the houses from participating countries. I haven’t had much time to do the last three yet, but I’m hoping to have the chance this coming week. I did get to see the torch the other day, but it was before they moved the fence closer and put up the plexiglass. 

I'll go back and get a better picture now that the fence has moved closer

As for the nightlife, it’s even crazier. People regularly break in to singing Oh Canada and are joined by hundreds of strangers. Whenever there is news of a new medal won by a Canadian athlete it’s high fives all around. I was out pretty late the other night, but you wouldn’t have known it was almost 4:00 am by the amount of people who were still out walking around. I’ll try to get some pictures next time. 

You would think the amount of people everywhere would start to get on people’s nerves, but I’ve barely seen this at all. Everyone just seems so happy to be participating in something so huge. This city is alive.

I was sitting in the arena yesterday and heard it best from a guy sitting just behind me “I wish everyone in the world was this friendly all the time.”

Hope everyone is watching the hockey game today. Go Canada Go!


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