The Golden Boy

February 15, 2010

Honestly, if you didn’t have the slightest tear in your eye, or the smallest lump in your throat yesterday when Alex Bilodeau’s brother was cheering at the end of that run, you might not be human. What a story! 

The city of Vancouver was going crazy yesterday when the news broke that Bilodeau had ended Canada’s draught of a gold medal on home soil. I wish I could say I was watching the coverage live when this happened, but sadly Team Sweden was on the ice practicing, so I was in one of the photo positions. (I know you can’t feel too sorry for me though…) 

I was able to watch a lot of the interviews he did after he won, and what I loved most about them was how he talked about the rest of the athletes competing for Team Canada. Bilodeau will go down in history for that gold medal, but he really downplayed it by insisting that his gold would not be the only one, and that this was just the beginning for this country. Modesty. A great characteristic, and one that defines many Canadians. 

Yesterday, before the Swedes practiced (including Peter Forsberg), the Russians were on the ice. We were all trying to guess who would be there based on the NHL’s schedule that day. Washington didn’t play, but we weren’t sure whether Ovechkin would show up or not. He did and it was pretty cool to see him up close.  I was able to snap a couple of not-so-great shots yesterday, so I’ll post them below. 

Today is my day off! I’m doing the tourist stuff and thankfully it’s not raining. Hopefully I’ll have some nicer non-hockey pictures for you tomorrow. 

Ovechkin takes a shot as Team Russia practices

Peter Forsberg and a teammate during Team Sweden's practice


4 Responses to “The Golden Boy”

  1. Jane Says:

    chills chills chills! yay Alex!

    have fun today, Jess!

  2. Michelle Says:

    So amazing! What an incredible accomplishment! I loved how excited everyone was at the bottom of the hill when the result was announced!! I heart Canadians!

  3. Parker Says:

    I’ve got a tear in my eye thinking of you growing up before my eyes online and in Vancouver.


    PS: Did you fall in love with Ovechkin at first sight like everyone thought you would?

  4. Kath Says:

    Thanks for the good read & pics! Love Kath

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