February 14, 2010

I officially have the best possible job as a volunteer at the Olympics! Yesterday while other “blue jackets” were conducting traffic at skytrain stations or checking tickets in the rain outside the venues, I was sitting at ice level watching the Canadian women’s hockey team slaughter the Slovakian team. 

My job is to supervise the photographers and run their memory cards to the photo desk. Since I only had one in my section yesterday, and he was hooked up to a direct feed, I was able to watch the entire game. Actually, I really only got to watch the second period since I was sitting at the end where the Canadian goalie played the first and third. 

Canada vs Slovakia - Second period

Despite the extremely lop-sided score I thought the Slovaks played well, especially their goalie. Although she let 18 get by her, she managed to stop 49 of Canada’s shots. In the press conference after the game the Slovakian coach stated that she was his best player. 

What I loved most about yesterday’s game was how much the Canadian fans cheered for Slovakian team as they left the ice. I think it showed true Olympic spirit. I hope this trend continues, but I’m thinking the boo birds might come out when the men’s tournament starts on Tuesday. I’ll keep you posted…


5 Responses to “18-0”

  1. Jane Says:

    Jess, your view (literally and figuratively) is great!! Thanks

  2. Jane Says:

    “boo birds” is amazing. xxo!

  3. Disco Disco Ball Andrea Says:

    I love your blogs, Jess.
    It looks like you got your camera fixed so keep taking awesome pics!!! ❤ It must be INSANE in Vancouver today with Bilodeau's gold medal win!!!!! Keep us posted!

  4. Filip Terlecki Says:

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Awesome job! Keep up the great work and congrats to you for putting in all the hard work to make these games such a great success. I’m watching from Toronto and it all looks fantastic. Best of luck!

  5. Sandy Wilkes Says:

    Peanut: You are doing a great job. I have passed the link around at school as people seemed to be interested. Are you at the Women’s bronze metal game? If so, I’ll see if Ann Rauhala and family can find you.

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